Dangdut is one of a growing genre of musical arts in Indonesia. This musical form rooted in the music Melayu in the 1940s. In the evolution to contemporary forms now in effect elements of Indian music (especially from the use of the tabla) and Arabic (on a twisted and harmonization). Changes in Indonesian political currents in the late 1960s opened the entry of the strong influence of western music with the inclusion of the use of electric guitars and also a form of marketing. Since the 1970s virtually dangdut has matured in a contemporary form. As popular music, dangdut very open to the influence of other musical forms, ranging from keroncong, style, gamelan, harp, rock, pop, and even house music.

The mention of the name "dangdut" is a sound game onomatope of tabla (drums in the world called dangdut only) and is dominated by the distinctive sound and ndut trial. This name is actually a cynical title in a magazine article early 1970s to form melayu music that was popular among working-class society at that time.

Culture in contemporary Indonesian dangdut

By Rhoma Irama, dangdut used as a tool preaching, is evident from the lyrics of his songs and his own expressed by them. This has become one of the great polemics of cultural triggers in Indonesia in 2003 due to stage his protest against the style dangdut singer from East Java, Inul, with his rocking ngebor labeled decadent and "moral damage".
Dangdut singer Inul

Long before, dangdut has also been invited debate and ending the ban on the stage in celebration Sekaten dangdut in Yogyakarta. Debate has emerged once again due to the force stage singer (female) was assessed as too "open" and taste, so it does not fit with our mission as a religious festival Sekaten.

Dangdut was agreed upon many circles as the music that brought the aspirations of lower-class society with all its simplicity and kelugasannya. This characteristic is reflected in the lyrics and song structure. Will stage a sensational style is inseparable from this breath.

Stage of political party campaign also does not lag exploit the popularity of dangdut to attract the masses. Dangdut issue as a political tool also burst when Basofi Sudirman, at the time as Golkar functionaries, singing dangdut songs.

While dangdut associated with the grassroots who are poor, not that popular dangdut only the lower classes. In any event entertainment, dangdut certainly participate enliven the situation. Dangdut stage can be easily found in many places. Places of entertainment and special disco play dangdut songs found in many large cities. Radio stations broadcast that states itself as "radio dangdut" is also easily found in various cities.

SOURCE: http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/DangduT


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