crazy tricks to increase in 1000 visitor per day

The master SEO seem to easily get 1000 visitors per day. Not disclose how much it could happen. It turned out to be able to get 1000 visitors per day even better, not impossible. Of course here I am not an expert in giving the crazy tricks boost 1000 visitors per day. But some of the following things I have ever done and it deserves if it is referred to as mad tricks boost 1000 visitors per day.

Crazy tricks like what can be done, to be able to raise the 1000 visitors per day, even better!. Essentially there are two things only:

1. Prepare the writings of our crazy and write in your blog / website of our own.
2. Promote the virtual world in 1000 more people every day.

Simple is not it?!?. Yups, two things that are most fundamental to understand how to increase over 1000 visitors per day. But, if translated two things it contains many other tricks that are ready to succeed has 1000 visitors per day.

For the first crazy tricks, you can create content that is in accordance with the characteristics of visitors, an impressive writing, writing with the heart or the writings of quality. Can also plus keyword research to find other keywords.

For the second crazy tricks, can be done with the SEO strategy, for which an engine can wordpress tips wordpress, blogwalking to more than 1000 people per day (hehehe: D), and of course enter into a variety of directory-directory.

And to be able to maximize the performance of these crazy tricks on the website, use the service to notify autopinger entire service on the internet service if there are new things on our blog. If in his wordpress can add the settings>> writing, looking for an update service. List of services that can add the service is in the file service links these services.

Yups, this is crazy tricks to increase over 1000 visitors per day. Again, this is just crazy tricks, and there is no sure thing with the name of this crazy tricks. His name is just crazy tricks: D. Just share, of which feel the impact of 1000 visitors per day is the owner of each website.

source: http://www.afwan.net/trik-gila-menaikkan-1000-pengunjung-lebih-per-hari.html

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