history of rock music

Rock music is one genre of popular music in the repertoire of the world which are usually dominated by vocals, guitar, drums and bass. many also with the addition of instruments like keyboad, piano and synthesizer. Rock music usually has a strong beat and is dominated by guitars, both electric and acoustic.

The foundation of rock music is rock and roll and rockabilly in the 50s era. in the late 60s a lot of mixing other musical genres with rock music. Folk music mixed with a Folk Rock, blues, along with a Blues Music Rock and jazz music into Jazz-Fussion Rock. And the 70s rock evolved into several subgenres such as soft rock, hard rock, heavy metal and punk. In the era of the 80s expand again several subgenres like glam metal, synth rock, thrash metal, hardcore punk, alternative rock. In the era of a new subgenre of 90s grunge style rock, britpop, indie rock, piano rock and nu metal.

Here are some big flows in rock music
Hard Rock
Rock music genre that is rooted in the music of mid 60a garage and psychedelic rock and many keterpengaruhan of blues music. Hard rock dominated by electric guitars, bass guitars and drums. Role players are usually divided into two, namely rythm guitar and lead guitar, lead guitar solo guuitar will feature in some parts of the song while the guitar rythm role more as a complement to lead guitar. Bass guitar and drum work to build the structure of hard rock music itself. Some of the leading hard rock band like AC / DC, AC / DC, Aerosmith, The Who, Thin Lizzy, Guns N 'Roses, Nazareth, Van Halen and Kiss, while bands like led zeppelin and deep purple is a "passer-boundary" between hard rock and heavy metal

Heavy Metal
Actually, hard rock and heavy metal, not much different in terms of music is why a lot of passing the boundary between the two, heavy metal music in the music only faster. Music was pioneered by led zeppelin, deep purple and black sabbath. successors such as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, WASP, etc.. Characteristic themes of the lyrics of heavy metal is all about sex, violence, fantasy and mystical.

Punk Rock
This flow is more on youth rebellion against the establishment. punk rock more on ideology than musical ability, like if we listen to sex pistols lagu2nya very ancur and without harmonization even in his live performances are often replaced bass player behind the scenes because the original is usually heavily intoxicated and already must have been really-really make sense at all. This was the Ramones' musical pioneers, the Sex Pistols and The Clash successors in the 2000s a lot like green day but less wild.

Glam Metal
Often also referred to as a Hair Metal band because of the tendency of his long hair and dresses are glamorous style and her makeup. in music not much different from the glam metal with heavy metal just is no difference in the lyrics that are more likely to hedonistic as the problem of sex, drink and drugs. Bands that went into this genre is the Motley Crue, deff lepard, quiet riot, dokken, twisted sister, poison, cinderella, warrant, Bon Jovi etc.

Many more flow in the rock that has not been discussed but will be too long and boring, the point is to understand the history and philosophy of music makes us indirectly necessarily proclaim a song to get into rock music like the song search by Isabella, a song that wither wrapped with guitar distortion. Also in the dancer not to "face taut (sangar), music lax (groaning)

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