video games from history sides

born of video games in the late 1940s with a system of cathode ray tube-based missile defense. These programs eventually adapted into other simple games during the 1950s. whereas the more developed computer games (mostly on mainframe computers) in the 1960s, and gradually increase in sophistication and complexity. with time and development, video games away to the different platforms: arcade, mainframes, consoles, personal computers and handheld games.

in 1971 came the first commercial video game ie Computer Space, which laid the foundation for a new entertainment industry in the late 1970s in the United States, Japan, and Europe. The first big accident occurred in 1977 when the company was forced to sell their older systems obsolete flooding the market. Six years later an accident, the latter mainly occurs. -Crash is largely due to the flood of video games that come to the marketplace-resulted in total destruction of the console gaming industry worldwide, eventually shifting the market dominance of North America to Japan. While the accident killed the console gaming market, the computer gaming market will not be affected. Next generation video game consoles will continue to be dominated by Japanese companies. Although some effort will be made by North American and European companies, the fourth generation of consoles, their efforts will ultimately fail. Not until the sixth generation console video games a non-Japanese company released the commercially successful system console. Handheld gaming market has followed the same path with several unsuccessful attempts made by American companies who have all failed outside some limited success in the handheld electronic game from the outset. Currently only Japanese companies have a handheld game console a huge success, although in recent years comes to handheld gaming devices such as mobile phones and PDAs as technologies continue to converge.

source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_video_games


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